Are there any railfan groups or clubs in the area?

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Re: Are there any railfan groups or clubs in the area?

Post by CIOR » Wed Oct 31, 2012 9:01 pm

rrnut282 wrote:Nothing formally organized. Sometimes someone will post on this site or the Indiana Railfan site, "hey let's meet at..."
Otherwise, railfanning is generally, but not always, a lone wolf activity. I have a friend, who if he sees another person, will leave and go elsewhere. I don't know why...
I will say hi, and gage their reaction and go or stay accordingly.

Ya, on the bullsession we have get togethers. We try and have a "Railfest" at least twice a year, usually around Muncie area.
We tried this past year to have several across the state, but had only 2 others (Terre Haute and Lafayette) Terre Haute was ok attendance wise, and Lafayette was a bust. Muncie always has 20 or so show up.

Then we have impromtu meetings where guys will say "i'll be in Muncie" or a small group meets and heads out to fan the area. Basically there are more guys around Muncie that like to fan than anyplace I've seen. If you are willing to make the drive down on a weekend, let me know. You can visit over on the site too.

Like here, everyone is laid back and enjoys having fun.
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