Transpoint Intermodal Yard project

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Re: Transpoint Intermodal Yard project

Post by cjberndt » Thu Jun 29, 2017 5:30 am

I posted a response yesterday and it hasn't appeared yet. Trying again....

We met with Transpoint Intermodal's principals this week. I can't reveal everything we discussed. They encountered unforeseen non-railroad issues just after breaking ground here last year, but are fully committed to the project and want to begin operations as soon as possible. It will probably still be built in phases.

Their Valparaiso site is parallel to US-30 and looks to me as if it could be more easily and quickly constructed than here, but I think they want to start here first if possible. Both are intermodal sites on CF&E, but have different potential customers.

NS contacted them about providing service. They are talking to BNSF and UP about routes around Chicago. CN crosses the line at Valparaiso and will be in the mix as well. CSX supports the plan.

It's incredible how much container traffic goes to and from businesses within 100 miles of Ft. Wayne.


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