P&F Engine #102 switching out in Downtown Fayette 9/12/1940

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P&F Engine #102 switching out in Downtown Fayette 9/12/1940

Post by Notch 8 » Sat Feb 08, 2020 1:50 pm

The Pioneer & Fayette Railroad hauled its first shipment, a carload of gasoline. When the Toledo and Western electric interurban railway abandoned operations in 1933, Pioneer and Fayette citizens led by Earl S. Snyder purchased the former T. & W. rail line between the two towns and created the Pioneer & Fayette Railroad Company. The P. & F. began operations September 1, 1933. At only 13 miles in length, the P. & F. Railroad was believed to be the shortest rail line in the United States. The company ceased rail operations in the early 1940s, replacing them with a trucking business that continued operations until 1992. This vintage image from the Williams County Public Library's Photographic Archives shows Pioneer & Fayette Railroad founder Earl S. Snyder with one of the company's trains.
21248321_1465690876845428_494495992816476292_o (1).jpg
P F Engine 102 switching out in Downtown Fayette 9-12-1940.jpg
The Pioneer & Fayette Railroad engine and freight house 9-12-1940.jpg
P F Engine 101 Pioneer 9-12-1940.jpg

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Re: P&F Engine #102 switching out in Downtown Fayette 9/12/1940

Post by cjberndt » Sun Feb 09, 2020 1:10 pm

This map shows P&F's line from about 1943 to 1986, by which time operations had ended but the line was still intact. Larry Lett drew the granary/engine house and coal pit about 10 ft. east of the granary, reflecting what it looked like when he worked Alvordton Tower southwest of the P&F in the 1960s. The main spur ran through the grain building, and a shorter north spur ended in the building.

Franklin Junction was the crossing of Toledo & Western (later P&F) and Wabash's Detroit main. P&F crossed the Big-4 .8-mile west of the Wabash.

P&F delivered grain to the granary, a separately-owned business, where it was unloaded into trucks for delivery to local businesses. Sometime after granary and P&F's operations ended, a large hog operation proposed using the P&F to deliver grain for the hogs. In 1986, grant money was obtained and the P&F got new rails, ties and ballast, and Plymouth #10 (formerly #102) was rebuilt, including a 1985 Oldsmobile engine.

No agreement was forthcoming about freight rates and the rebuilt line was never put into operation. It was officially abandoned 12/31/1991. The track was removed in 1994. The last update I saw about P&F #10 said it was operating at a granary in Ontario.

Map P&F c1943-c1985.jpg
Franklin Jct looking northeast on Wabash.jpg
Franklin Jct Granary looking east P&F 10.jpg

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