NS Chicago Line CP 367

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NS Chicago Line CP 367

Post by Notch 8 » Sat Feb 04, 2017 6:35 am

CP 2270.jpg
CP 2270 a EMD GP20C-ECO at CP 379 Waterloo IN, with trailing BNSF #8584 a EMD SD-70ACe and a very long loaded autorack. 4 axle foreign power is an unusual site these days on the Chicago Line. taken 2/3/17

The GP20C-ECOs use just enough rebuilt components to designate them a rebuild. The GP20C-ECOs feature a new frame, fuel tank, long hood, and cab with CP providing trucks, prime mover, and alternator (along with many other smaller components), mainly from retired CP GP9s, that are rebuilt and reused in the locomotives. The units resemble a GP60's long hood and feature a snoot nose, which set the cab back slightly on the frame to make room for the additional length. As with the SD30C-ECOs, the GP20C-ECOs have all-LED lighting with the exception of the headlights and ditch lights.
CP is the only road to have the GP20C-ECO's and has 130 units that were built in 3 batches with CP 2270 being the 1st unit built of the 3rd and last batch.

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