Ft. Wayne 4th St. Yards 1999

Find an old ROW or want to know what the name of that one tower along the EL was? Post any historical questions or comments here. Open to any era from around the Ft Wayne area. Interurbans welcome!

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Ft. Wayne 4th St. Yards 1999

Post by cjberndt » Sat Apr 01, 2017 10:22 am

I found some missing photos and slides while looking through what I thought were only Eel River RR photos and slides. These were near the end of rail operations in the former Ft. Wayne & Jackson RR's yards between 4th St. and State Blvd.

Photo 1. Looking north from the 4th St. freight house. I think the track we are standing on was the spur to the freight house. OmniSource at left. At the right edge of the photo is one of the cross bucks for the spur to Science Central. It was used when the building was the city's electric power house.

Photo 2. Just north of Science Central, looking north, with a gondola at OmniSource at left and the former Home Telephone & Telegraph building (Clinton St. & Jacob Ave.) at center-right. To the left of the tall pole at the center of the photo is one of the concrete retaining walls over the underpass for electric trains running from the interurban to AEP's yard at Spy Run Ave. and Elizabeth St.

One of our history group members drove NS switchers from Runnion to OmniSource in the late-1990s, and due to track conditions they did not operate north of 4th St. Rail service to OmniSource ended about 2000.

Photo 3. South of Jacob Ave. looking north. The flatcar is on the second main track, which ran north across Jacob and State Blvd. The interurban track was at left, parallel to the FW&J track and the tall power poles.

Photo 4. South of State Blvd. looking north where the FW&J and interurban bridges crossed State. The track from State to Washington Center Rd., .95-mile, was approved for abandonment in Jan. 1986, which was why it was gone in this photo. There were two FW&J tracks crossing State Blvd. at one time. The other track was to the left (west) of this track at a lower elevation, and the interurban track was to the left of the second track. The Pufferbelly Trail will cross State Blvd. at this spot on a new bridge.

Ft W 4th St 1999 OmniSource lk N 1.jpg
Ft W 4th St 1999 OmniSource lk N 2.jpg
Ft W 4th St 1999 Jacob Ave lk N.jpg
Ft W 4th St 1999 State Blvd lk N close.jpg

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