Baker Street PRR Depot Conceptual Rendering

Find an old ROW or want to know what the name of that one tower along the EL was? Post any historical questions or comments here. Open to any era from around the Ft Wayne area. Interurbans welcome!

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Baker Street PRR Depot Conceptual Rendering

Post by cjberndt » Fri Aug 03, 2018 9:52 pm

The attached postcard shows PRR's 1914 depot on the east side of Harrison in a different configuration than its as-built configuration west of Harrison. PRR intended to build the depot east of Harrison where it already owned real estate, but switched to the west side. I don't know the reason.

This postcard is postmarked August 1915, 19 months after the depot was opened west of Harrison.

Ft W Baker St PRR depot 08-03-1915.jpg

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