NS Train Symbol List

New train symbols, routings, reroutes and such.

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NS Train Symbol List

Post by Mark » Sun Aug 12, 2007 9:56 pm

If you scroll through this page, it is the most
comprehensive list of NS train symbols I have ever seen on the net.

http://www.railroadfan.com/phpbb/viewto ... cf2123137b


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train list

Post by rrnut282 » Mon Aug 13, 2007 9:06 am

It may be complete, but it is definitely not up-to date. 110 shows going to Columbus when it heads west out of FWA. 150 is not listed. When does 190 leave FWA? I've never seen/heard it. 25A is shown but not going anywhere near FWA, neither are 282, 288, 52A, 263, and I'm sure there are other TC trains that I don't know about.

There was another list that I printed out last year that was similar, but I cant' find it right now.

A list like this is a futile effort as NS is constantly "tweeking" the system adding, rerouting and dropping trains. All that said, it was a monumental effort that should be applauded (and updated as soon as possible otherwise the effort won't pay off).

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Post by joemcspadden » Mon Aug 13, 2007 5:08 pm

I agree with both posts. This list is more accurate and
complete than many lists I have looked at recently, but
some updates are needed. The info about 17J is wrong;
the description of the 186 is about three NS changes
behind times. The 277 was annulled almost a year ago
as the Virginia Ford assembly plant it served is soon
to shut down permanently.

In addition, the 263 now runs between Fort Wayne and
Voltz, while the 253 no longer ventures west of the Fort.
The six-month-old 14E between Tilton and Bellevue is
not included. Also, the 16K and 17K haven't been CN
connections at Tolono for some time now. They are
basically junky-looking "road locals" working between
Decatur and Bellevue/Columbus. There may be some
other stuff I didn't notice at first glance.

But like you said, Mark & Mike, the effort is commendable.
A huge amount of the info on that site is accurate; but
NS is dispatching 2700 trains a day across the country.
Frankly, I don't know how anyone can keep up with
everything that is going on.
lifelong railfan in Wabash, IN

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Post by joemcspadden » Tue Aug 14, 2007 10:32 pm

I've gone back and re-read that list of symbols
a couple more times, and the more I look at it,
the more I feel that it's a pretty darned good
and valuable list.

It was written in April of 2006, and even when
the descriptions of trains were a little off, those
descriptions had been true at one point or another
in the recent past.

The first thing I do when I encounter a new train
symbol is go to various websites to see if this
symbol has a past with NS. This list should be a
valuable tool for that.
lifelong railfan in Wabash, IN

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