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New Website feature is now available!

Post by Greg46m » Mon Nov 30, 2009 11:17 pm


I have been working on a new feature for this forum that I think many people will find usefull and will hopefully draw more of our occaisional users back to the site more often, or at least keep them up-to-date. There is now a feature that will allow you to receive 1 daily email from the forum that contains all of the days post in 1 convienient email that you can read. I know that many people arn't able, or don't wish to come to our site every day to see what might be discussed, so we'll bring the forum to you.

This is a feature that Yahoo Groups has that many people have come to like. They have one page to quickly look through and if anything sparks their interest, they can go to the website and reply, otherwise it's gone to the trash bin.

To sign up for this daily "digest" you simply click on "User Control Panel" under the FWA logo at the top of the page. In here you'll see a tab labeled "Digest", it's the second one in from the top/left side. Once on the Digests page you can click on how often you want to receive the email, what type of format (use HTML if you're unsure), and what time you want the email to send to you. I'd say to choose the hour before you normally check your email to receive the digest, that way you have the latest posts when you get the email. Now just hit "Submit" and you're all set.

You'll also notice on the left hand side of the screen that there are more options that you can set for the email such as to only receive topics from certain categories, certain topics, and lots of other options that you can set as you wish.

That's it, it's simple and easy. If you ever wish to stop the daily digests from being email, simply come back to the User Control Panel and select "None" and you will no longer receive the emails.

All new users to the site will automatically start getting a daily digests unless they manually select not too.

If anyone has any questions about how to set this up or anything else feel free to post here or email me directly.
Greg Lavoie - Webmaster

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