Erie Lackawanna - Wells County, Indiana

Wells County map


Overview - Riding Along US 224

The Erie Lackawanna ran parallel along the north side of US 224 through Wells County, crossing the N&W at GS Tower in Kingsland.


Very little remains of the EL right-of-way in Wells County.  In the Winter months, a light snowfall will accent the bevel.  The bridge still remains across Eightmile Creek and you can see it from US 224.
Here we are looking east down the Erie Lackawanna right-of-way at the Main St. crossing in Tocsin, Indiana.  On the north side of the grade is one of the Erie trademark concrete telephone shanties still standing.  The roadbed bevel just east of this location is still very distinguished from the surrounding area.

This is an aerial view of Kingsland, Indiana looking southeast.  The yellow line indicates the Erie Lackawanna right-of-way.  The parallel road above the line is U.S. 224 and the perpendicular railroad track is Norfolk Southern's New Castle District.  August 4, 2000.

This was the bridge over N. Meridian Rd, one mile east east of Uniondale right alongside US 224.  It was taken down sometime in late 1999/early 2000.  This was the last surviving EL road bridge in Indiana east of Huntington.

Watch out for poison ivy up here!  It is hard to imagine that just 25 years ago this was once a mainline railroad with 6-axle SD45's running hotshot trailer trains across this bridge.


This is what the same area looks like now.  All of the concrete has been removed along with the steel bridge that once crossed Meridian Rd.  This is looking west from atop the right of way.

This is looking east from the former EL bridge over Meridian Rd.  US 224 is just a 100 feet or so to the right down the hill.

In Uniondale, Indiana milepost M112 has been moved across the street as a monument to the railroad that once passed through here.  The EL mains were to the right of the street.
Looking east down the EL right-of-way at Uniondale.  To the right is US 224 and the telephone poles on the right are not associated with the railroad.


Milepost M115 resides between Markle and Uniondale, just west of County Road 300W.  To the right side of this milepost is County Road 600N, which paralleled the north side of the EL between Uniondale and Markle. When the trees have leaves on them it is nearly impossible to find this milepost.  Photo taken 3/11/01. (94KB)

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